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Progress Report and Technical Update

Meeting: 17/01/2019 - Governance and Audit Committee (Item 32)

32 External Audit - Local Government Audit Committee Briefing (Quarter 4) pdf icon PDF 6 MB

(report of Ernst and Young enclosed).


Consideration was given to Local Government Audit Committee Briefing (Quarter 4), produced by the Authority’s new external auditor, Ernst and Young.


The briefing report covered issues which could have an impact on the organisation, the Local Government sector, and the audits that Ernst and Young undertook.  The briefings were produced by the public sector audit specialists within Ernst and Young’s national Government and Public Sector team.  The briefings brought together not only technical issues relevant to the Local Government sector, but wider matters of potential interest to the Committee and the Authority.  The final page of the report suggested key questions that the Audit Committee should consider, and there was also a section providing links for further information on the issues raised within the report.


The Committee considered the report and the following points were made:


·         Members commented that the report was informative, useful, clear and very well presented.

·         Members were advised that the report was produced on a quarterly basis and that it would be included within the Committee’s future agendas where if fitted into future meeting dates.

·         There were no issues of real concern within the report – with regard to the Key Questions detailed at the end of the report, these were areas that were usually considered by the Committee anyway.




That the report be noted.