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Corporate Enforcement Policy Update

Meeting: 15/01/2019 - Policy Development Panel (Item 49)

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To provide members with an update on enforcement activities since the introduction of the new Corporate Enforcement Policy in June 2018 (report of the Executive Director Place enclosed)

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Consideration was given to the report of the Executive Director Place which sought to provide the Panel with an update on enforcement activity since the introduction of the new Corporate Enforcement Policy.


The Food Health & Safety Manager introduced the update. It was stated that the bulk of enforcement action had been informal, with a minority progressing into formal action. This was because it had been found that informal action in the first instance was sufficient in abating the need to take a complaint higher into formal action. 


The number of informal enforcement notices had increased in the second half of 2018, this was largely due to the appointment of community wardens.


The Vice-Chairman stated that he estimated that the fixed penalty notices had earned approximately  £5,000, which he understood to be £2,500 per community warden. He stated that he felt that while this was good progress, that the Council should be aiming to get to a point where the wardens were generating enough income to fund their own wages.


The Place Manager stated that this was largely due to the fact that the Community  Wardens had to act as a pair due to security concerns, but that it was hoped that soon, the provision of body cameras, would mean that they would be able to operate individually, and therefore will be able to provide double the coverage.


Some members stated that they felt it wasn’t useful to compare the income of penalty notices against the wages of the Community Wardens because a great deal of their value came from the prevention of further issues.


Members agreed that requiring households to have roadside waste collections, rather than from bins, was exacerbating the issue of litter. Some further stated that they felt that the provision of waste storage ought to be a planning condition.


Members asked if there would be any issue with having CCTV systems installed in problem areas in order to gather evidence. The Place Manager responded that there were GDPR issues related to the Council having cameras installed at fixed positions.


The Vice-Chairman asked whether officer had any knowledge of what the specific GDPR issues of placing CCTV systems were. The Place Manager responded that they would gather this information. The Vice Chairman stated that he felt that there were workarounds for accepting responsibility of CCTV installations and asked officers if some of these could be examined.


The Chairman, in reference to earlier conversation, agreed that supplementary planning guidance should be looked at, but that he felt that this could be a Task Group matter. Members stated in response that there were already multiple planning condition Task Groups in the pipeline and that it would be worth consulting with the other groups to see if a larger, more comprehensive group could be formed out of them all, in order to avoid replication of work. The Chairman agreed that this would be a sensible move and that he would enquire after the other Task Groups to gather opinions  ...  view the full minutes text for item 49