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Quarter 3 2019-20 Risk Report

Meeting: 12/03/2020 - Governance and Audit Committee (Item 49)

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To provide an update to the Committee on the progress of the Council’s identified strategic risks (report of the Executive Director, Strategy and Governance enclosed).


Please note that Appendix 2 associated with this report is not for publication by virtue of Paragraph 3 (Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information)) in Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972, and is therefore attached to this agenda as item 13.

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the report of the Executive Director Strategy and Governance, which provided an update to the committee on the progress of the Council’s identified strategic risks.


There were 18 strategic risks included within the Q3 19/20 Risk Report, the same as at the end of Q2 19/20.  The level of identified risk at Q3 was 2 high risk, 16 medium risk and 0 low risk.


It was noted that the risk relating to the impact to the Council following the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act had been downgraded.  In addition, the risk which specifically measured the total spend of temporary accommodation, and the impact that this could have on the Council, had remained static for the quarter. 


Further to the quarter 2 report, officers were liaising closely with the Human Resources department to maintain a watching brief of the National Pay Claim.


Following the adoption of the refreshed Corporate Plan, a wholesale review of both strategic and operational risk would be undertaken, and it was proposed that this would be brought to the Governance and Audit Committee within the Q4 19/20 Risk Report.


Following consideration of the report, the following issues were raised:


·         The Corporate Improvement and Enforcement Office provided further information regarding risks around the COVID-19 pandemic:

o   With regard to financial matters, consideration needed to be given to the impact, and to introducing mitigating solutions.

o   Consideration was being given to how it would affect local residents, local businesses and the economy.

o   Risks were moving very quickly and were being updated on a daily basis.

o   The Authority was liaising with partner organisations.

o   The Authority was in a fortunate situation as its disaster recovery had been tested in a number of instances. 

o   Consideration was being given to which services provided by the Authority were vital and had to be legally provided.

·         Members commented that good advice was being provided for the Authority’s staff.


Members were also advised of the following:


·         Although The ‘Impact of Homeless Reduction Act’  risk was showing as high, good results were now being seen.  The result had been  a reduction of 90% on the spend for temporary accommodation, and the team were to be congratulated for this.

·         The new Corporate Plan had now been approved, and new risks were being assessed, which would be introduced in the next quarter.




That the content of the report be noted.