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Policy Development Panel Work Programme

Meeting: 25/06/2019 - Policy Development Panel (Item 13)

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To set out the Work Programme of the Policy Development Panel (report of the Executive Manager Governance (Deputy Monitoring Officer) enclosed).


During consideration of this item, the Panel will be asked to consider its Work Programme, how it can be progressed, and issues the Panel or its Task Groups should be involved in scrutinising. The Executive Director Place will be in attendance to facilitate this item.


Additional documents:


The Panel considered a report by the Executive Manager – Governance setting out the work programme of the Panel.  The work programme consisted of two sections, the first setting out the dates of future panel meetings along with proposed items for consideration, and the second setting out Task Groups that had been identified by the Panel.


The Chairman informed the Panel that the Executive Director for Place had given his apologies for the meeting, but had met with him and the Vice-Chairman to go through the work programme.


The Panel discussed areas of work that they would like included in the work programme and the following key points emerged:


·         Public Open Spaces Task Group – Councillors felt that this Task Group had stalled and was awaiting a report back following consultation with Parish Councils.  It was agreed that, as it was a joint Task Group with PMP (the Performance Monitoring Panel), the Chairman of that Panel would be approached to see if they would be happy for it to be encompassed into a new Task Group looking at Planning Design that would be set up as a Policy Development Panel Task Group.  If not, it the Planning Design Task Group could be set up as a joint Task Group with PMP.


·         Further to above, a Planning Design Task Group be established composed of Councillors Astill, King, Redgate, Reynolds, and Walsh


·         Postage and Paper Reduction Task Group – It was agreed that this Task Group had served its purpose and could be removed from the Work Programme.


·         Leisure Facilities Task Group – This was a joint Task Group with PMP which reported to Cabinet in  in 2014 and tracking of recommendations considered by PDP in February 2015.  It was agreed that, in consultation with PMP, this Task Group be removed from the work programme.


·         The Panel identified that they would like to give consideration to possible Task Groups on Cross Departmental Working at South Holland District Council and also the Community Infrastructure Levy.  It was agreed that officers would be invited to the next meeting of the Panel to give a position statement on these issues in order that the panel could make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with a Task Group.




1.    That the Work Programme be noted; and

2.    That the actions be progressed as set out above.