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Policy Development Panel Work Programme

Meeting: 06/11/2019 - Policy Development Panel (Item 40)

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To set out the Work Programme of the Policy Development Panel (report of the Executive Manager Governance (Deputy Monitoring Officer) enclosed).

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The Panel considered a report by the Executive Manager Governance, which set out the work programme of the Panel.  The work programme consisted of two sections, the first setting out the dates of future panel meetings along with proposed items for consideration, and the second setting out Task Groups that had been identified by the Panel.


Members considered the report, and the following issues arose:


·         The Policy Development Panel agreed that the Public Open Spaces Task Group should cease being a joint Task Group, and that the Performance Monitoring Panel be requested to continue the task group’s work to a conclusion.

·         Planning Design Task Group – At its meeting on 25 June 2019, the Panel had selected its membership for this task group.  Members agreed that work on this task group should start in the new year.  It was requested that a draft scope be drawn together, with the input of members, and circulated before the first meeting to ensure that the scope encompassed what the task group wished to deliver.

·         It was agreed that the Leisure Facilities Task Group (which had been a joint task group) should be removed from the Work Programme.

·         It was agreed that Appendix B be altered to include a separate section for dormant task groups that had concluded their initial work, but which were still required for the future, and that any such task groups be moved to this section.

·         At the last meeting of the Panel, it had been agreed to set up a task group to consider the facts on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) – it was agreed that membership of this task group be considered at the next meeting when more Panel members were present. 




That the Work Programme be noted.