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Policy Register

Meeting: 24/09/2019 - Policy Development Panel (Item 22)

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To note the current Policy Register (copy enclosed).


A verbal update on the status of the Asset Management Strategy will be provided to the Panel by the Housing Manager Landlord.


The Panel gave consideration to the Policy Register dated 6 September 2019.


The Housing Manager Landlord was in attendance to provide a verbal update on the status of the Asset Management Strategy.  He advised that work was underway on the Asset Management Strategy however, the status currently showed as overdue on the Policy Register.  He explained that the major reason for this was the continued vacancy for the post of Strategic Property Manager.  He advised that work was progressing on some areas of the Strategy however, there was a need to work jointly with colleagues in Delivery to draft the Asset Management Strategy. 


In addition, there was an added resource issue as the Property Asset Services Manager was shortly due to leave the Authority, and this post was currently being re-advertised.


In the meantime, priority items were being dealt with first.  Work on the Strategy would be brought forward as soon as was possible.


Following the update, the following issues were raised:


·         Member asked whether the fact that the revised Strategy had not been approved was causing any operational problems.   

o   Officers confirmed that although the delay caused a minor issue with regard to future planning, it was not causing any operational issues.


·         Members commented that, over the period they had been scrutinising the Policy Register more closely, there had been a great improvement in the  Register, and the status of the policies detailed within it.



That the Policy Register be noted.