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Green Homes Grants Delivery

Meeting: 26/04/2022 - Cabinet (Item 56)

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To gain member approval for the operational arrangements for the S&ELCP delivery of the Green Homes Grants for the sub-region (report of the Leader and the Climate Change and Environment Manager enclosed).


Consideration was given to the report of the Climate Change and Environment Manager which sought member approval for the operational arrangements for the S&ELCP delivery of the Green Homes Grants for the sub-region.  The Climate Change and Environment Manager provided an overview of the Strategy.


The following points were raised:


·         Members asked whether monies would be spent in the district by employing local contractors to undertake works.

o   Officers advised that the current programme would run for only 12 months, dealing with in excess of 400 properties across the area and that the logistics of the scheme and short timescales made procurement a challenge.  There were a large number of businesses required as part of the project - in some cases it had been possible to use local contractors however, in others, it had been necessary to continue using existing contractors (who were not based in Lincolnshire).  Unfortunately, some funding would not be able to be retained within the district, but this could not be avoided as the timescale was very tight.  Going forward, a Key Performance Indicator would be introduced to provide a focus on using more local resource and developing various trades and elements at a local level.  In addition, the social values of the contract would address the training and up-skilling of local people to build a base for the future.  Educational development would be undertaken in liaison with training providers and colleges, and apprenticeships would also be considered.  The ambition was to deliver funding until 2025, and future phases of funding would have longer delivery windows.




That the operational arrangements set out in the report, and the following specific recommendations be approved:


1)    That East Lindsey District Council act as the lead authority and accountable body delivering the Sustainable Warmth programme on behalf of South Holland District Council.


2)    That the resourcing arrangements being put into place to facilitate the delivery of this programme of activity be noted.


3)    That the entering into of an appropriate written agreement between East Lindsey District Council and South Holland District Council for delivery of the programme, subject to legal advice, with delegated authority given to the Assistant Director Regulatory in consultation with the Portfolio Holder to agree the terms of the agreement, be approved.


4)    That the establishment of a Programme Board for Sustainable Warmth with appropriate Portfolio Holder representation from each of the three Partnership Councils and Assistant Director Regulatory to monitor quarterly progress, as outlined in paragraph 3.10, be approved.


5)    That the Executive Board of ELDC be authorised to administer delivery of Green Homes Grants to South Holland residents.


(Other options considered:

·         Not to approve the operational arrangements;

·         To implement alternative arrangements, such as implementing the scheme internally rather than with East Lindsey District Council as Lead Authority and Accountable Body.

Reasons for decision:

·         To enable officers to effectively manage the new programme.)