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Public Toilets Task Group update

Meeting: 15/06/2022 - Performance Monitoring Panel (Item 10)

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To update the Performance Monitoring Panel on progress with maintenance improvement works to existing public toilet facilities across the District (report of the Assistant Director - General Fund Assets enclosed).


Consideration was given to the report of the Assistant Director – General Fund Assets to update the Performance Monitoring Panel on progress with maintenance improvement works to existing public toilet facilities across the district.


The Strategic Property Manager introduced the report which updated the Panel on planned and completed work following recommendations set out in the Public Toilet Task and Finish Group report on Public Conveniences.


The Panel considered the report and made the following comments:


  • Members queried why Sutton Bridge toilets had not been included in the report.
    • The Strategic Property Manager confirmed that Sutton Bridge would be programmed for later in the year when the upgrade to Crowland public conveniences had been completed.
  • Members queried whether the public toilets near the water tower in Crowland were still in existence/operating.
    • The Strategic Property Manager would investigate and confirm whether the Council still held responsibility for this facility.


  • Members relayed the following reports they had received regarding public conveniences: the Vine Street toilet facility in Spalding was clean but there was a lack of toilet paper; market traders had reported that Vine Street toilets in Spalding had been locked in the mornings; and the disabled toilet in Winfrey Avenue, Spalding was permanently locked which had caused difficulties for bus drivers. As the toilets had recently been refurbished, why had they been locked since March 2022?
  • The Strategic Property Manager responded that:
    • since refurbishment, the Vine Street facility had suffered vandalism which had been undeterred by three different locks. A trial timer locking system in Holbeach was underway which, if successful, could be rolled out to the Vine Street facility in Spalding and enable longer opening hours.
    • work to find a resolution for the Winfrey Avenue facility was ongoing. A strong lock was necessary to deter forced entry attempts which had previously caused damage; and
    • the Operations Team was responsible for the opening times and supplies for public toilets. The comments of the Panel would be relayed to the team.


  • Members referred to the upgrade programme for Holbeach toilets which, although had been delayed to accommodate the trial locking system, would ultimately be beneficial. Holbeach residents wanted the toilets to be open for as long as possible.


  • Members asked whether CCTV could be employed at sites which

had experienced persistent vandalism.

  • The Strategic Property Manager agreed that prevention measures would be beneficial as repairs caused by vandalism had cost thousands of pounds.


  • The Chairman concluded the item by stating that:
    • the overall responsible officer of the service should be made aware that investment needed to focus on vandalism prevention measures which would allay the need for costly reactive repairs and facility closures;
    • the Police should be asked to take a keener interest in the vandalism of public toilets; and
    • members should be aware of the quality of public toilets in the district, and they were encouraged to visit the refurbished facilities.





That the report be noted.