Issue - meetings

Performance Update

Meeting: 21/09/2022 - Cabinet (Item 33)

Performance Update


Consideration was given to the report of the Assistant Director – Corporate which provided an interim update on how the Council was performing for the period 1 April 2022 to 30 June 2022.


At the Cabinet’s last meeting on 19 July, the following had been requested:


·         That the Cabinet be presented with performance updates sooner - it was noted that due to the information first being considered by the Performance Monitoring Panel, that earlier reporting to Cabinet would be difficult.

·         An interim report on underperforming areas had been requested, and this information was provided within the report – if the Cabinet was content with the format of the report, it would come forward in this way to future meetings.


·         Attention was drawn to the fact that although Customer Contact remained an area with performance below target, it was in a significantly better position than it had been last year.  Staffing levels were now improved and staff were being trained.  There had been issues as a result of the telephony system not having sufficient capacity and the huge volume of additional enquiries relating to the Government’s £150 fuel payment to all households.  However, extra staff had been brought in to deal with the additional workload, and the way in which the project had been dealt with would be analysed to improve the way in which any potential future initiatives were handled. 




That the contents of the report be noted.


(Other options considered:

·         Not to monitor performance;

Reasons for decision:

·         To ensure council performance is properly scrutinised.)