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Governance and Audit Committee Work Programme

Meeting: 19/01/2023 - Governance and Audit Committee (Item 36)

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To set out the Work Programme of the Governance and Audit Committee (report of the Assistant Director – Finance enclosed).

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the report of the Assistant Director – Finance which set out the Work Programme of the Governance and Audit Committee.


The Democratic Services Officer introduced the report and highlighted the following areas:


  • Appendix A included agenda items that had been included in the schedule for the forthcoming year. Content for the Annual Report would be discussed at the Governance and Audit meeting on 16 March 2023. In preparation for discussions at the meeting, the previous report would be circulated to Committee members.


  • Appendix B outlined the Committee’s training log.


Members considered the report and made the following comments:


  • The Chairman noted that the 14 March 2023 Governance and Audit Committee meeting was particularly heavy and requested that where possible, items be scheduled so that the number of agenda items were balanced.
    • The Assistant Director – Finance responded that the meeting on the 14 March 2023 included a number of items which related to the 2021/22 year end accounts. In order to consider these items the Committee were required to receive training and it was proposed that a briefing session be carried out prior to the 14 March 2023 meeting. Any update from Ernst and Young could also be relayed.
      • Members agreed that the proposed training session be arranged prior to the March meeting and for it to take place virtually.


  • Members queried the regularity of attendance by Internal Audit.
    • The Assistant Director – Finance confirmed that reports from Internal Audit were to be spread throughout the year and that attendance was not expected at every meeting. Updates were to be brought when sufficient information in a timely fashion.
    • The Chairman was confident with the interim updates received from the internal auditors.




That the report and content of the Work Programme be noted.