Agenda and minutes

Performance Monitoring Panel - Tuesday, 30th June, 2015 6.30 pm

Venue: Meeting Room 1, Council Offices, Priory Road, Spalding

Contact: Christine Morgan  01775 764454

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To sign as a correct record the minutes of the following meetings:

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The minutes of the meeting held on 3 March 2015 were signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


The Panel received updates on items arising from the last meeting, and a number of issues were raised:


·         Minute 52, page 3 (Transformation Programme timescale) – The Panel was advised by the Public Protection Manager that due to the ongoing implementation of the new management structure, there had been some slippage in the timescale.  The project would be taken up later in the year, and the Panel would be updated on how long the delay was likely to be;

·         Minute 52, page 3 (Leisure contract) – The Panel was advised by the Public Protection Manager that the contract was due to expire in 2018, and the Authority therefore had to consider how to take this issue forward before this date;

·         Minute 52 (b) (Leisure Task Group) – Appropriate Portfolio Holders had been advised of the Panel’s views;

·         Minute 52 (b) (Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field Task Group) – A response was being sought, and the Work Programme would be circulated to Panel member shortly;

·         Minute 52 (c) (Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field Task Group) – A progress update had been scheduled for both Panels at their meetings in September 2015;

·         Minute 53 (c) – The Portfolio Holder was aware of the Panel’s views;

·         Minute 54 (b) – The Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership’s 14/15 Annual Report was expected mid-August 2015. Panel members would be provided with this once it became available;

·         Minute 54 (c) – The Panel was advised that no information or intelligence had recently been received from the Police in connection with licensed scrap dealers;

o   Councillors questioned whether the Police were actively visiting scrap yards to inspect books/records/vehicles etc.  They were advised by the Public Protection Manager that Lincolnshire Police did not have a dedicated team to do this and would only visit if there were identified issues to address;

·         Minute 54 (d) – The relevant Portfolio Holder would provide an update to the Panel on delivery of community safety at its meeting in September 2015;

·         Minute 55 (c) – Following the meeting on 3 March 2015, Councillors had been advised of the outcome of the meeting held on 18 March 2015 between South Holland District Council (SHDC) and Lincolnshire County Council (LCC), regarding issues around the access road at the Spalding Gypsy and Traveller Site. 

o   In response to this information, councillors commented that they understood the ramifications of discussions between the County Council and SHDC, but that it was now in the Council’s best interests to sort the issue out and arrive at an agreement. 

o   It would be difficult to move gypsies and travellers on from unauthorised encampments when an official transit site could not be provided.  Therefore, a resolution needed to be sought with regard to providing the site in Spalding. It was felt by the Panel that officers at a high level should liaise with LCC to resolve the issues, and that if there  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Declarations of Interest.

(Councillors are reminded that under the Code of Conduct they are not to participate in the whole of an agenda item to which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.  In the interests of transparency, members may also wish to declare any other interests that they have, in relation to an agenda item, that supports the Nolan principles detailed within the Code of Conduct.)   



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Questions asked under Council Procedure Rule 10.3.


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Tracking of Recommendations

To consider responses of the Cabinet to reports of the Panel.


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Items referred from the Policy Development Panel.


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To note the current Key Decision Plan, published 22 June 2015 (copy enclosed). 



Consideration was given to the Key Decision Plan issued on 22 June 2015.



That the Key Decision Plan issued on 22 June 2015 be noted.


Performance Monitoring Panel Work Programme pdf icon PDF 68 KB

To set out the Work Programme of the Performance Monitoring Panel, and identify and prioritise any issues to be included in the 2015/16 Work Programme (report of the Democratic Services and Legal Manager enclosed)


Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the report of the Democratic Services and Legal Manager which set out the Work Programme of the Performance Monitoring Panel.  The Work Programme consisted of two separate sections, the first setting out the dates of the future Panel meetings along with proposed items for consideration, and the second setting out the Task Groups that had been identified by the Panel.


As this was the first meeting of the municipal year, councillors were invited to give consideration to any new issues that they wished to address over the forthcoming year.  This was in addition to the regular performance monitoring reports, following up progress on previous task group recommendations and any other items of business that may be dealt with under the Panel’s remit.


The following issues were raised:


·         Biennial Review of Implemented Planning Decisions – it was felt that this would be a useful process for new members however, it should be delayed and undertaken during the spring of 2016.  A process to undertake the review should be drawn up and then agreed by the Chairman;

·         Future reports on progress of the restructure of the CSU – in view of the fact that there were a number of new councillors on the Panel, it was agreed that the recommendations of the CSU Task Group be circulated.  Performance at the CSU had improved, and the Panel, through the CSU Task Group, had assisted in this.  Councillors were advised that the CSU General Manager had left and it was therefore requested that the new manager provide an update on progress to the Panel meeting in December 2015;

·         The Panel discussed a number of issues concerning procurement / tendering, particularly in relation to the CSU.  It was agreed that this could be an area for a task group to examine however, in the first instance, and officer and the relevant Portfolio Holder would be invited to the next meeting to ascertain the current position;

·         Bandstand and aviary at Ayscoughfee Gardens – Councillors asked what the position was with regard to these projects.  Questions had not been answered, and no update had been received by the Spalding Town Forum.  Councillors re-iterated the point that these projects should be delivered for the amount of money agreed.  An update to all councillors was requested.

·         Could the Panel be involved with regard to the development of apprenticeships in conjunction with Boston College?  It was felt that this was an area of work more suited to the Policy Development Panel.  The Public Protection Manager advised that he and the Executive Director of Commissioning and Governance were due to meet a representative from Boston College.  It was agreed that an update on progress be provided to Councillor McLean, who had initially raised this issue;

·         Gypsy and Traveller sites – Issues regarding the site in Spalding had been during discussion of the previous minutes earlier in the meeting.  It had been agreed that a task group could be set up if matters did not progress quickly enough.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.