Portfolio Holder Decisions

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Information about Portfolio Holder Decisions

Portfolio Holder (Cabinet) responsibilities


For each of the portfolio holders, they:

·         Take responsibility for a range of council services and functions which are delegated to the Cabinet

·         Contribute to the development and implementation of the council's policies, budget, strategies and service delivery and takes the lead at Cabinet meetings on items within their portfolio

·         Make decisions on specific issues within their portfolio as permitted in the List of Delegation and the council's constitution

·         Are accountable to the council’s scrutiny committees, the council and the local community for the portfolio.


Each portfolio holder will also:

·         Act as spokespeople inside and outside the council Liaise with relevant council officers

·         Make sure they have a clear understanding and knowledge of their portfolio strategically and operationally

·         Make sure the council has appropriate methods of consultation and communication in place

·         Attend scrutiny committees when required.


The following are specific areas of responsibility for each portfolio holder…


Nick Worth: Portfolio – Growth and Commercialisation (Deputy Leader)


Nick takes a proactive role in encouraging collaboration between employers, businesses, business representative groups, and industry experts to explore in more detail some of the challenges faced by the district’s businesses.


Nick works with partners such as the University of Lincoln to help deliver the Food Enterprise Zone at Holbeach, as well as landowners and developers to identify and bring forward deliverable employment land allocations. He also liaises with existing businesses to support growth throughout the district.


Nick oversees the ERDF-funded Grants4Growth project as well as major infrastructure delivery programmes and funding bids, such as the Housing Infrastructure Fund and the Local Enterprise Partnership.


Nick also oversees strategic project delivery, including acquisitions and disposals, and better use of Council assets, as well as overseeing the preparation of the Council’s Asset Management Plan and other strategic land and build asset-related documents.


Peter Coupland: Portfolio – Finance (Deputy Leader)


Peter is responsible for overseeing the preparation of the Council’s annual budget, which is the financial representation of the of the Council’s policies. This includes the revenue and capital budgets that cover all the costs of the Council – employees, services, buildings and assets.


Peter reviews the external auditor’s reports to ensure that Council services are compliant. Peter also oversees and monitors actual expenditure and income against the approved Council budget. Working together with his Cabinet colleagues, Peter is also responsible for the capital programme to cover the medium term financial period.


Peter monitors the delivery of Section 106 agreements, as well as being a Director of PSPS which he’s responsible for the direction and delivery of company business. Peter is also a Director of Welland Homes to deliver housing solutions for the benefit of the company, members and the wider district.


Anthony Casson: Portfolio – Public Protection


Anthony oversees licensing which includes alcohol and entertainment, gambling, taxis, animal welfare, street trading, scrap metal and sexual establishments and sexual entertainment venues.


Anthony also oversees the investigation of environmental protection complaints (nuisance, air quality, general public health and pest control, contaminated land, private water supplies, dog warden) and reports to Defra and other statutory bodies when required.


Anthony’s other responsibilities are overseeing food safety (inspections of food premises across the district), health and safety enforcement as well as overseeing the investigation of workplace accidents and fatalities and the outbreak of infectious diseases.


Anthony also oversees the running of the Council’s own environmental health training and consultancy business (ehc).


Gary Taylor: Portfolio – Communities and Facilities


Gary oversees the Council’s community safety and enforcement responsibilities which includes its work around anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping enforcement, case management, safeguarding and domestic abuse.


Gary also oversees the district’s leisure and cultural offering, which includes the Council’s own buildings Ayscoughfee Hall, the Castle Sports Centre and Swimming Pool, and South Holland Centre, plus the Council’s playing fields and open spaces.


Gary oversees the Council’s physical activity and health and wellbeing programme for the district, as well as being a representative on the Safer Lincolnshire Partnership Overview & Scrutiny Board, and the East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership.


In addition, Gary oversees assets (including operational commercial assets, commercial estate management, building and planned maintenance, land sales and Assets of Community Value). He also oversees facilities management, such as caretaking, security and utilities.


Tracey Carter: Portfolio – Governance and Customer


Tracey is responsible for overseeing that all Member and Officer decisions are taken in accordance with legislation and with the Council’s constitution. Tracey also oversees the maintenance of the electoral register and the successful delivery of Parish, District, County and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.


Tracey is responsible for overseeing the monitoring and reporting of Council performance and the forecasting of future performance, as well as administering the Council’s Risk and Policy registers and the development of the Council’s Corporate Plan. Tracey also oversees the development of Members, making sure they receive training in all areas to equip and enable them to undertake their roles.


Tracey oversees HR performance, policies and procedures. Tracey is also responsible for overseeing the ongoing development of the Council’s ICT solutions and strategy, as well as requirements around GDPR, cybersecurity and residents’ digital access to Council services.


Tracey also provides support around the Council’s communications strategy, as well as overseeing that legal advice is given to all departments of the Council.


Tracey is also the Member liaison between PSPS and the Council.


Christine Lawton: Portfolio – Housing and Health


Christine oversees the service provision and repairs function of all Council-owned housing. Christine guides Officers in the delivery of planned programme maintenance, property upgrades, income collection, housing advice for residents, allocation and lettings and HHSRS inspections. Christine also oversees the provision of the homeless in the district, empty homes in the district and also Houses of Multiple Occupation.


Christine is responsible for overseeing the Council’s tenancy and estate management, caravan and gypsy/traveller sites in the district, the in-house maintenance team for void and responsive repairs, as well as sewage treatment works and compliance around gas, asbestos and legionella.


Christine oversees the strategic direction of the Council in terms of housing policy – range, type and mix of new affordable housing, the HRA development programme, and the development of Section 106 affordable housing commuted sums.


Christine is also a shareholder representative for Welland Homes, Vice Chair of the Housing Health and Care Delivery Group and is the managing agent for Broadgate Homes.


Roger Gambba-Jones: Portfolio – Place


Roger oversees the Council’s environmental service delivery which includes residential refuse and recycling collections, a resident ‘sign-up and pay for’ garden waste collection service, grounds maintenance, fly-tipping clearance, and street cleansing. Roger is also responsible for overseeing the car parking provision across the district, as well as markets, play areas and public toilets.


Roger oversees the planning policy and planning development management, building control, conservation and heritage and also protected trees.


Roger is also responsible for overseeing emergency planning, which includes business continuity, prevention and resilience, as well as major incidents and emergencies.


Roger is Planning Committee Chair, as well as Vice Chair of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership.