Portfolio Holder Decisions

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Information about Portfolio Holder Decisions

Portfolio Holder (Cabinet) responsibilities


For each of the portfolio holders, they:

·         Take responsibility for a range of council services and functions which are delegated to the Cabinet

·         Contribute to the development and implementation of the council's policies, budget, strategies and service delivery and takes the lead at Cabinet meetings on items within their portfolio

·         Make decisions on specific issues within their portfolio as permitted in the List of Delegation and the council's constitution

·         Are accountable to the council’s scrutiny committees, the council and the local community for the portfolio.


Each portfolio holder will also:

·         Act as spokespeople inside and outside the council Liaise with relevant council officers

·         Make sure they have a clear understanding and knowledge of their portfolio strategically and operationally

·         Make sure the council has appropriate methods of consultation and communication in place

·         Attend scrutiny committees when required.