Agenda item

Report to Cabinet of the Priory Road Community Hub Project Sub-Committee

To consider the options set out with the report and the recommendation to secure capital funding for investment into the Council Offices at Priory Road (report of the Executive Manager, Property and Development enclosed).


Consideration was given to the report of the Executive Manager – Property and Development concerning the capital funding for the investment into the Council Offices at Priory Road.


Councillors noted that Priory Road council offices comprise of 2 buildings. The older 2 storey building, referred to in the report as block 4, constructed in1954 in a traditional Georgian style and the more modern main office and public areas opened in 1991.


As is often the case with buildings of this age, and a number of original features including heating and cooling systems, the atrium could be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. In winter this was exacerbated by having multiple ground floor level staff/public accesses with inefficient heat curtains failing to prevent cold air accessing the building and warm air escaping when opened.


Councillors considered that improving the working conditions for Council staff, the Council’s tenants and visitors to Priory Road required investment. It was acknowledged that in addition to installation there would be ongoing maintenance costs.  These cost could make up part of the service charge for using the building where appropriate.  Future thermal modelling would take place in the atrium to identify options to manage seasonal temperature regulation better.




a)    Agree the principle that access arrangements in and around the Priory Road building will assume that:


·         Car park barrier, door access, staircase barrier (a new installation) and printer access will be by virtue of a single/linked system with a customisable capability for controlling access and zoning flexibility throughout the Priory Road office building.

·         All registered users will have a photographic printed ID card which will act as the activator for proximity sensors throughout the zoned areas of the building.  Users will access zoned areas based on their required permissions.


b)    Agree the new door heating arrangements which will install a like for like system with additional/replacement heating units serving the reception desk and public seating area, to reduce the need for ad hoc heating and cooling solutions.




c)    To authorise the release of budget, as set out in the report, from the Council’s Growth and Investment Reserve.  Subject to Council approval a tender process to commence for the 3 items – atrium door heating and ancillary areas, staircase access barrier and installation of electronic door access system as appropriate to deliver enhanced and more flexible access control to office areas, external doors and car park.


 (Other options considered:

Door and Staircase Access Control:

·         A security guard or guards to patrol the ground floor and control access

·         Keypad access with different codes for different areas with a new staircase barrier system.

·         Do nothing


·         Do nothing


Reasons for decision:

Door access including staircase access control:

·         Only the recommended option will meet the needs of the building  and cater for zoning to support co-locations.


·         Doing nothing would not address any of the current issues and would incur ongoing costs both in terms of maintenance and running of the existing units whilst not addressing the underlying issues.)