Agenda item

Leisure Procurement

To receive a presentation from Max Associates updating members on the current leisure procurement. The Portfolio Holders for Growth and Commercialisation and Communities and Facilities will be in attendance along with the Executive Director - Place and Place Manager.


The Executive Director Place and the South Holland Place Manager provided the Joint Committee with details around the procurement process for contracts to run the leisure facilities at the Castle Sports Complex and the Peele School.  The procurement process was coming to an end, and a decision to award a contract would be made at the meeting of full Council on 28 November 2018.


Members considered the information provided, and the following issues were raised:


·         Work on consideration of future leisure provision at the end of the contract was due to take place in April/May 2019.  Although this was around the time of the District Council Elections, members commented that many of the current councillors had spend a lot of time in shaping the future of leisure, and should therefore have some input into the process.  Recommendations from past Task Groups should also be considered.

o   Officer responded that they understood why current members would wish to be involved with this, and would therefore consider how this could be effected in light of timescales for the District Election.


·         Members asked of there would be a robust plan written into a future contract, taking account of hopes and aspirations, management and costs involved. 

o   Officers responded that site management had been specified within the new contract.  It was important to have a good relationship with the provider.


·         Members were advised that although the proposals did not include a new build of any of the facilities, there would be new investment on the sites, with an improvement in service and to the internal space.


·         Members commented that the age of the building could be an issue for the chosen contract provider. 

o   Officers responded that each bidder had sent their asset teams to inspect the sites - they would be aware of any routine issues and what they were taking on in respect of the building’s age.  Any bigger problems would have to be resolved between the provider and the Authority.


·         Members asked whether exit clauses had been written into the contract for both the Authority and the contractor.    

o   Officers responded that break clauses had been included, and that details regarding this would be confirmed with members in due course.  The contract would lay out clearer processes regarding what was expected, and what would happen if standards were not met. 


·         Were officers confident that costs for running the service, provided by bidders, were realistic?.

o   Officers responded that the figures provided were all being thoroughly checked,.  In addition, the Authority was using Max Associates to test the figures externally, and to also check robustness.


·         Members had been advised that there was the opportunity to extend the initial contract by a further 2 years if required – when would this be considered?

o   Officers responded that this would be considered a couple of years into the initial contract, once it could be seen how it was progressing.  Fully considered proposals for the way forward would then be produced.  The Authority would also liaise with the provider about expectations.


·         Members asked if the catering offer was within the contract?

o   Officers responded that it was, that it would be based upon the current provision, and that there was an opportunity to improve this.


·         Members asked if the Authority could benefit  from better performance being achieved than the bidders’ business plans may reflect?

o   Officers responded that anything beyond the bidders projections would be shared with the Authority.


Officers advised that a full report would be available for consideration at the meeting of the full Council in November, laying out the full financial information, service specification, the preferred contractor and how they compared to the other bidders.




a)    That the presentation by officers be noted;


b)    That the comments made by members be taken forward for consideration;