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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

To highlight the building costs associated with the construction and running costs of electric vehicle charging stations at a number of locations with South Holland, and the current public and private sector funding opportunities currently available (report of the Deputy Leader and the Executive Manager People and Public Protection).



Consideration was given to the report of the Deputy Leader, the Executive Director Strategy and Governance and the Executive Manager People and Public Protection which asked the Cabinet to consider proposals for the introduction of Electric Car Charging points across a number of locations within the district.  The report provided the background, identified the sources of funding available against which to bid, and highlighted approach, issues and costs associated with the supply, installation and running of electric vehicle charging points.


It was requested that recommendation (d) be expanded to reflect any future increases in the charging cost at charging stations.




a.    That the Council applies for the Office of Low Emission Vehicles On-Street Parking Grant, which would cover up to a maximum of £7,500 or 75% of associated costs per installation.

b.    That the Council also applies for an additional 25% of funding through private sector electric vehicle installers so that the cost of installation is fully funded.

c.    That if these funding bids are unsuccessful that the Growth reserve is used for the costs associated with purchase and installation of 7 units across the district as set out in Appendix 3, of the report.


d.    That an initial charging rate at 0.30p per kWh at charging stations be set,  based on external advice received.  This charge would rise in accordance with retail price index (RPI) based on March data on an annual basis.


e.    That the construction of seven electric vehicle charging stations be pursued, in the following locations:

·         Vine Street (Spalding): Fast charging unit

·         Victoria Street (Spalding): Fast charging unit

·         Priory Road (Spalding); Fast charging unit

·         Pinchbeck Library and Community Hub (Pinchbeck): Fast charging unit

·         Curlew Centre (Sutton Bridge): Fast charging unit

·         Fishpond Lane (Holbeach): Fast charging unit

·         West Street (Crowland): Fast charging unit


f.     That the outcome of the consultation process on the associated Car Parking Order, undertaken in accordance with the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996, be submitted to the Leader and Cabinet and that after any necessary responses to the consultation have been issued the Leader determines whether or not to approve the Car Parking Order with or without amendments.

(Other options considered:

·         To do nothing.

Reasons for decision:

·         To commit to the following priority within the Council’s Corporate Plan – ‘To work together with partners and local communities to improve the quality of public spaces to be cleaner, greener and safer’;

·         To enable residents to access suitable charging provision;

·         Due to current availability of funding, charging stations can be constructed with no direct cost to the Council in the case of fast charging stations, or at a subsidised rate in the case of rapid charging units;

·         Continual growth of electric vehicles in the district meant that the Council needed to respond to growing and changing demand to its car parks;

·         To increase South Holland’s share of electric vehicle chargepoints within Lincolnshire;

·         Commitment to central government strategy regarding alternatives to petrol and diesel based travel; and

·         To enable the Council to make the necessary legal changes to the Council’s car parking order, to allow electric car charging to be accessible to those that need to use it.)

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