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Q3 2019-20 Performance Overview Report

To provide an update on how the Council is performing for the period 1 October 2019 – 31 December 2019 (report of the Portfolio Holder Governance and Customer enclosed).


Consideration was given to the report of the Portfolio Holder for Governance and Customer which provided an update on how the Council was performing for the period 1 October 2019 to 31 December 2019.


The Quarter 3 2019-20 Performance Report detailed in Appendix A aimed to provide members, businesses and residents with an overview of how the Council was performing against a number of key strategic indicators,  These indicators included the delivery of frontline services, financial performance and progress made towards achieving the overarching aims and objectives of the Council, as set out in the Corporate Plan.  In addition, the covering report highlighted areas of improved and high performance and also where performance was challenging. 


Areas of success included:


·         Continued strong performance from the customer Contact Centre;

·         A significant number of flytips reported within the district;

·         The Council’s digital online presence continued to improve


It was noted that under areas for improvement, the net income of EHC at the end of quarter 3 was under the amount forecasted at the start of the financial year.  This had been attributed to increased marketing and costs relating to the recent re-brand.  The team hoped to convert a number of leads resulting from the recent marketing campaign into quarter 4, and it was anticipated that the income position could be recovered before the financial year end.


The Panel considered the report, and the following issues were raised:


·         Members noted that after a period of improved sickness performance, that the statistics for the current quarter had worsened.  It was important that this downward trend should not continue.  Commentary on the causes for the quarterly performance was requested, to understand the reason for any downturn. 


·         With regard to Economic Growth, members questioned what ‘new homes enabled’ was.

o   Officers replied that this was indicator represented the number of new homes delivered in district that the authority had enabled through direct intervention.

·         Members asked how broad the authority’s intervention was - more commentary on this was required.


·         With regard to data on Information and Feedback, members questioned why, when the number of complaints and FOIs had decreased, had the response time had gone up.

o   Officers responded it was likely that this reflected the complexity of some complaints, but that further clarity would be sought.


·         With regard to insulation levels, members questioned what percentage of housing stock met the decent  homes standard.  Was this an indicator?

o   Officers responded that insulation levels were not included within the decent homes standards.  However, the authority was planning on installing increased insulation in its housing stock.

·         Members requested more information on this issue. 

·         Members also stated that, with regard to energy efficiency, officers need to ensuring that all housing stock was as energy efficient as they could be, and that a policy be adopted in this regard.


·         With regard to fly tipping, members were advised that the Council could not  attend ones that were on private land.  The performance figures only reflected the fly tips that the Council could attend.

o   Members responded that data needed to include the number of fly tipping incidents reported, and that it should reflect the numbers that the Council could actually deal with.  All reports should be included so that a true picture could be seen.

o   Members also requested information on the cost of recovery (officer time, external expenses etc).

·         Officers replied that this was available, and that there was an industry standard of the cost of clearing each fly tip.


·         With regard to houses in temporary accommodation, members requested that trends on these figures be provided.




a)    That the content of the report be noted; and


b)    That officers note comments raised by members during the discussion, and feed back information as requested.


(Councillor A Newton left the meeting following discussion of the above item.)

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