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Review of Implemented Planning Decisions

To report on the review and to consider the findings (review of the Executive Director Place enclosed).


Consideration was given to the report of the Executive Director Place which reported on the Review of Implemented Planning Decisions, and requested consideration of the findings.


The tour had taken place on 5 September 2019, with morning and afternoon sessions taking in different areas of the district.  Eight members took part and were present for the whole day.  A selection of eight residential developments were visited after prior discussion with the Chairman of the Panel.  The sites chosen comprised both small and large-scale schemes, with some under construction, and some that had been completed.


Members were provided with an information pack outlining the background and key issues relating to each site, as well as a block plan of the site.  Verbal assistance was given on site where necessary, and officers noted members’ feedback for each site.


A debriefing session was held after the tour to review the day, and these conclusions were detailed within the report and Appendix A.


Members considered the information and the following issues arose:


·         Those members that had attended agreed that the day had been useful and  well organised, and that it was helpful to actually visit and see the sites, and to see the challenges that were faced. 


·         It was agreed that the comments detailed within Appendix A were too much of a precis of comments made by members.  More comments on each of the sites was required – they could be important to the findings of the tour, and more expansion would be helpful for Planning Committee.  Also, the précising of some of the comments did not make it clear whether they were beneficial or detrimental – they required more explanation.


·         Earlier in the meeting, the Panel had been advised that the Policy Development Panel had agreed to set up a Planning Design Task Group -  could the comments from the tour be incorporated into its work?


·         Future tours should ensure that photographs were taken of the sites viewed, so that they could be seen by those members who could not attend.  Additionally, better quality photographs should be taken of sites when an application was submitted to the Planning Committee.


·         A 3-D Computer Aided Design of what a building should look like would be helpful in future consideration of applications.


·         Consideration should be given to including commercial developments as part of future tours.


·         Infill plots – there was an issue with some plots where larger properties were being build on plots that were too small for them.


·         The Panel raised a number of additional issues on each of the sites, that it did not feel had been reflected within the appendix, and officers noted these comments. 




a)    That the report on the Review of Implemented Planning Decisions be presented to the Planning Committee, and that the report include fuller comments on the sites visited; and


b)    That future Reviews of Implemented Planning Decisions be undertaken on an annual basis.


(The Principal Planning Officer left the meeting following discussion of the above item).

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