Agenda item

Quarterly Performance Monitoring

Update on current approach to performance management/monitoring during the pandemic from the Innovation, Change and Performance Manager (Ross Bangs).


The Innovation, Change and Performance Manager provided the Panel with a presentation on using Performance to Inform Future Service Delivery.  The presentation explained how performance was currently measured, and the need for changes in the future.  The changes would assist in truly understanding what residents wanted from Council services, would inform current and future decision making through the use of analysis and modelling, and would inform and prioritise areas for innovation, change and improvement.  Learning from the experience of Covid-19 would also feed into the process.    


Information on how this would be taken forward from August onwards was also provided, and officers advised that as part of the process, engagement would take place with the Portfolio Holder and the Chairman of the Performance Monitoring Panel.


Members considered the update and the following issues were raised:


·         The Chairman stated that he was happy that he and the Portfolio Holder would be consulted however, he also wanted all members to have input into the process.


·         Some members felt that performance could only be monitored by looking back at quarterly data, as well as looking at forward projections, and that a report should continue to be presented to meetings.  There was more work to be done in this area, some indicators needed to remain and consideration given to which were no longer required.  It was important to listen to residents, and the role of the Panel was to monitor the effectiveness of particular services

o   The needs of the Panel were acknowledged, although there would need to be some degree of change as measuring performance was to be done in a different way.


·         Members commented that the Covid-19 pandemic had highlighted a number of areas to be addressed, in particular the situation that some elderly and shielded individuals had found themselves in whilst isolating. 

o   Officers responded that there was concern for all people in this situation and highlighted why it was very important to gain an insight into the requirements of those in greatest need, in order to address these issues.  The Covid-19 pandemic was a rare opportunity to understand vulnerabilities within the district and to use this data to shape the current service, and the service in years to come.


·         Members asked whether the Authority had the financial resources to address the identified needs?  Was there a danger, in pursuing this course, of raising expectations that the Authority may then not be able to address due to financial constraints?

o   Officers stated that the aim was to shine a light on the residents of the district, to use the insight gained and then approach members, who would decide how resources should be allocated.


·         Members stated that there was a conflict going forward as to how performance would be scrutinised.  Some of the development work would sit within the remit of the Policy Development Panel, while the Performance Monitoring Panel’s remit would be to monitor how the work was carried out.  The question of who would scrutinise performance, and how this would be undertaken needed careful consideration.  In addition, it was felt that the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Policy Development Panel should be involved in the process.




That the proposals for future performance monitoring be agreed, taking into account the issues raised by the Panel.