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Performance Monitoring Panel Work Programme

To set out the Work Programme of the Performance Monitoring Panel (report of the Executive Manager Governance (Deputy Monitoring Officer) enclosed.



Consideration was given to the report of the Executive Manager Governance, which set out the Work Programme of the Performance Monitoring Panel.  The Work Programme consisted of two separate sections, the first setting out the dates of the future Panel meetings along with proposed items for consideration, and the second setting out the Task Groups that had been identified by the Panel.


The Panel considered the report and the following issues were raised:


·         Members stated that there were a large number of items due to be considered at the January meeting of the Panel.

  • Officers responded that they had identified that it was indeed a large agenda and two suggestions were put forward – 1) that some of the items be re-scheduled to the March meeting, or later in the year; and/or 2) that some of the items due to come forward to the January meeting be updated by way of a short presentation, rather than providing a full report.


·         Members commented that an update on the Digital Work Programme was due and reminded officers that as part of this, financial information was required with regard to how much of the funding had been used, what it had  been used for and whether value for money had been achieved.


·         Members commented that with regard to the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field Task Group, either an annual report, or a meeting of the Task Group was required.

  • Officers stated that it had been the recommendation of the Task Group, with the approval of the Panel, that the meeting should reconstitute on an annual basis to ensure that the Council remained compliant with the regulatory provisions of the Charity Commission.  Of the original Task Group, only two members were still Councillors and it was suggested that the Panel decide whether it wished to receive a report to the next Panel meeting, or whether it wished to form a new Task Group.

·         Members agreed that an update report be presented to the next meeting of the Panel before a commitment was made to set up a new Task Group.  It was requested that the report include an update on all the issues raised by the original Task Group.


·         Members commented that the last Review of Implemented Planning Decisions took place in September 2019 and the next one was due in September 2020.  It was clear that this had not been possible, due to the pandemic, but it was requested that this be scheduled for 2021, from April onwards.




a)    That the Work Programme provided by the Executive Manager Governance be noted;


b)    That officers liaise with the Chairman regarding items due for discussion at the next meeting of the Panel, and that consideration be given to either providing verbal updates, or rescheduling some of the items;


c)    That the Digital Work Programme update include financial information relating to how much funding had been used, what it had been used for and whether value for money had been achieved;


d)    That with regard to the Sir Halley Steward Playing Field Task Group, an update be presented to the Panel, to include all issues raised by the original Task Group, in order that the Panel could decide whether a new Task Group was required; and


e)    That officers arrange a new date for the Review of Implemented Planning Decisions, to take place in spring/summer 2021.  

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