Agenda item

Questions asked without notice under Standing Order 7


Prior to asking a question, Councillor Alcock stated that the Independent Group wished it to be noted that it was in agreement with the statements made earlier by the Chairman and the Leader regarding the dreadful situation in the Ukraine.


Question to: Councillor Taylor

Question From: Councillor Alcock

Subject: Spalding Town Centre – outdated advertising and traffic restrictions


Councillor Alcock commented that, whilst recently visiting Spalding town centre, there was outdated signage, advertising the Christmas pantomime – the authority was attempting to encourage people into the town centre and this did not give a good impression.  He also commented on the number of cars parked in, and driving through the town centre,  despite traffic restrictions – why was this not being enforced, and had plans to pedestrianise the town centre been abandoned.


Councillor Taylor commented that the issue regarding the outdated signage for the pantomime would be dealt with.  With regard to traffic flow in the town centre, he advised that this had been a topic for discussion at the last meeting of the Spalding Town Forum, where the local police officer had been in attendance to provide advice, guidance and take questions.  The Forum had asked that the Police work in partnership with SHDC and LCC to find a way to enforce the traffic restrictions.  In addition, the local paper had undertaken a survey asking people if they wished the restrictions to be enforced, and the majority of people were strongly in favour of this.  A further update on this situation would be provided shortly.


Question to: Councillor Casson

Question From: Councillor Alcock

Subject: Electric vehicle charging points


Councillor Alcock advised that he had recently contacted the Portfolio Holder with regard to the installation of electric vehicle charging points.  Installation of these had been promised at sites in Crowland, and other areas within the district.  However, this had not yet taken place – why was there such a long delay in undertaking work on a project that the authority had seemed keen to undertake?


Members were advised that Councillor Casson had provided his apologies and was therefore not in attendance at the meeting.  It was agreed that a written response would be provided.


Question to: Councillor Coupland

Question From: Councillor Grocock

Subject: Investments in Russian institutions


Councillor Grocock asked whether, in light of the current situation in the Ukraine, the authority had any monies invested in any institutions with links to Russia?


Councillor Coupland confirmed that the Council had no investments with Russian institutions or banks, and never had done, due to them historically having a very low credit rating.


Question to: Councillor Porter

Question From: Councillor Wilkinson

Subject: Outdated signage


Councillor Wilkinson commented that there was signage at Wingland Park, Sutton Bridge naming the Chief Executive (Terry Huggins) as a contact point regarding plots of land.  This was very out of date and needed to be removed.


Councillor Porter responded that this would be dealt with.