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Q1 21/22 Performance Overview

To provide an update on how the Council is performing for the period 1 April 2021 to 30 June 2021 (report of the Portfolio Holder for People, Places and Corporate enclosed).



Consideration was given to the report of the Executive Manager for Growth, which provided an update on how the Council was performing for the period 1 April 2021 to 30 June 2021.


The Quarter 1 2021-22 Performance Report detailed in Appendix A aimed to provide members, businesses, and residents with an overview of how the Council was performing against a number of key strategic indicators in an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The reported indicators provided an indication of performance and business intelligence as compared to the previous year to highlight how key services had performed whilst the organisation had continued to respond to the challenges and pressures that the pandemic had presented to both the organisation and the district as a whole.


As highlighted previously the report did not contain a suite of performance indicators to the same scale and breadth as presented to the Panel in previous years. This was because, in many cases, the focus of many council services and their attendant resources had shifted away from pre-March 2020 ‘business as usual activity’, and was instead now focused on a different range of areas directly aligned to supporting the council with its pandemic response and recovery.


Consequently, the report sought to provide a summary of performance in key areas which reflected the current performance of the council in a number of critical areas, whilst the organisation remained focused on supporting its communities, residents and local business in extra-ordinary times. The narrative within the report provided supplementary commentary to support the data.


Members considered both the Q4 20/21 report and the Q1 21/22 report and made the following comments:


·         Members queried the reference to adverse weather conditions which had affected waste collections (Q4 report, section 2.4 of the report). Members could not recall such challenging weather conditions.

o   The officer would investigate this point and provide members with clarification


·         Members welcomed Q4 data regarding increased emails (detailed in section 2.2 of the report) and the explanation relating to the reduced bounce from the website (detailed under the Customer/Digital section of Appendix A).


·         Members considered the narrative and response regarding Freedom of Information (Appendix A) as poor. Data needed to be managed when it was first received rather than revisited later. This issue was apparent from the narrative in the Q1 report so why had this not improved?

o   Officers accepted the point raised regarding Freedom of Information but advised that GDPR permissions would have to be confirmed before this could be shared.


·         Members asked for more information regarding complaints received. The report stated there had been an increase in the number of complaints dealt with (Appendix A) but a statement demonstrating an understanding of root causes or trends had not been included.

  • Officers confirmed that a breakdown of complaint data was held and would be shared.


·         Members requested the increase in void days from Q4 at 2190 compared to 1600 one year ago be investigated. Members stated that work on kitchens and bathrooms in empty houses should cease and be prioritised for inhabited homes instead.

o   The officer agreed to investigate this point with the Assistant Director Housing so that feedback regarding the narrative could be provided.


·         Members asked for clarification regarding Business rate relief (Appendix A, Business rate collection rate) as the narrative had changed from Q4 to Q1.

o   The officer agreed that he would investigate this item.


·         Covid Business related enquiries (Appendix A, Public Protection) had increased as expected but the narrative was missing which could have highlighted trends and therefore informed actions.

o   The officer advised that he would investigate the missing narrative.


·         Officers reported they were pleased that fly tipping had improved.

·         In connection with fly tipping, Members noted that the report did not include reference to tipper trucks. Criticism had been received on social media regarding fly tipping and how this had been dealt with. Members were aware that work had been done and advised communications to the press would be worthwhile regarding completed work. Enforcement data was also requested.

o   Officers confirmed that a report on enforcement would be presented at the next PMP meeting. There had been challenges in this area but progress had been made which would be detailed in the report.




That both the Q4 Performance Overview Report 20/21 and the Q1 21/22 Performance Overview reports be noted.

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