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Follow Up Report on Internal Audit Recommendations

To provide members with the position on the progress made by management in implementing agreed Internal Audit recommendations as at 31 March 2021 (report of the Head of Internal Audit enclosed).


Consideration was given to the report of the Head of Internal Audit which provided members with the position on the progress made by management in implementing agreed Internal Audit recommendations as at 31 March 2021.


The Internal Audit Manager advised that, since the March meeting, a number of actions had been completed, and good progress was being made.  With regard to the issue of the network cabinet, raised at the last 2 meetings, members were advised that this had now been resolved, and that the network cabinet was in the final stages of being moved into the old cleaners’ cupboard, as suggested 


Following consideration of the report, and the information provided by the Internal Audit Manager, the following issues were raised:


·         The Chairman re-iterated the good progress being made with the outstanding 2020/21 recommendations, as detailed in paragraph 3.7 of the report.


·         SH2010 – Procurement and Contract Management.  Members raised the issue stated within the notes that officers did not yet have access to the Finance System.  Access was to be provided over the next few months but members asked if this could be resolved more quickly.

o   The Internal Audit Manager confirmed that the recommendation itself asked for aggregated spend analysis and this was a key control asked for across the whole consortium and auditors therefore required this to be in place before signing it off.  Until access was available, this item would remain open.

o   The Head of Finance advised that options around read only access for procurement colleagues were currently being explored.  Another issue that had to be resolved was how they, as Breckland staff, could gain access to the SHDC system.  Potential solutions were being looked into including whether the system could be added directly to their laptop or be accessed via a SHDC laptop. There was currently no timescale however, this was a recent enquiry and feedback from officers dealing with the issue was expected.


·         Members noted that section 3.4 of the covering report was missing, and it was presumed that these would have been the figures for 18/19.

o   The Internal Audit Manager commented that this was missing however, there were no longer any outstanding actions for that time frame.


·         With regard to outstanding items, some had been so for a number of years.  Were further delays anticipated due to the Authority’s potential alliance with neighbouring Councils?

o   The Audit Manager responded that the historic Asset Management items were problematic and had been outstanding for some time.  However, good responses had been provided in the most recent update.  Current difficulties would always produce delays but if any were urgent, they would be raised as significant risks.  Good progress had been made but the Committee could always call officers to future meetings regarding further delays should this be required.


·         SH2008 – Markets.  Members asked when the situation regarding markets as a whole would improve.

o   It was suggested that the Environmental Services Manager be invited to attend the next meeting to provide an update on progress.




a)    That the contents of the report be noted; and


b)    That the Environmental Services Manager be invited to the next meeting of the Committee to provide a progress update on the situation around markets.

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