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Draft Climate Change Strategy

To gain member input into the draft Climate Change Strategy prior to wider public/stakeholder consultation (report of the Climate Change and Environment Manager enclosed).


Consideration was given to the report of the Climate Change and Environment Manager to gain Member input into the draft Climate Change Strategy prior to wider public/stakeholder consultation.


The Climate Change and Environment Manager introduced the report which provided background to the Draft Climate Change Strategy for the geographical area covered by the new South and East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership (SELCP). The Strategy had looked beyond the partnership’s operations and had considered the wider issues of Climate Change within local communities.


The officer presented a background of the role and report:

  • The role of Climate Change Environment Manager for East Lindsey had commenced in April 2020 when a new corporate priority for Climate Change and the Environment had been established;
  • an Environment Policy had been implemented which set out the framework for the corporate priority;
  • the strategic alliance with Boston in Autumn 2020 had prompted a similar process and Boston had adopted an Environment Policy;
  • carbon reduction plans had been a priority for Boston and East Lindsey;
  • climate change had not been within South Holland’s Corporate Strategy, but the emergence of the new partnership had given the opportunity for South Holland to be included in the Strategy at an initial level and developed over time. The Strategy was in the draft and developmental stages, and further opportunities for feedback had been made available.


Pending approval of the strategy at Cabinet on 14 December 2021, a South Holland consultation process would commence in January 2022.


Members considered the report and made the following comments:

  • The Chairman thanked the officer for the presentation. Members acknowledged the Draft Climate Change Policy had emerged from the new partnership and had been much welcomed;
  • Members asked whether consultation feedback and learning obtained from Boston and East Lindsey authorities could be shared with South Holland.
    • The Climate Change and Environment Manager confirmed this would be possible, and that when available, the online consultation link would be sent to members. Initial findings were to be presented to Cabinet on 14 December 2021.
  • Could consultation in South Holland involve a physical presence at market stalls? This method of consultation had previously delivered successful results.
    • The Climate Change and Environment Manager confirmed this would be possible.
  • The Chairman asked whether the consultation involved businesses as well as the general public. Had there been an optimum number of stakeholders that needed to be involved?
    • The Climate Change and Environment Manager replied that businesses had been a key area. The knowledge of Economic Development teams would be needed to establish key business contacts. The business community had embraced this approach in Boston.
    • Regarding stakeholders, there had not been a pre-defined set-up. Meetings had been taking place with the Place Based Climate Change Network who had assisted commissions with planning –templates and guidance had been provided for steering/task and finish groups. Themes needed to be established which identified how many people needed to be involved.
  • Members questioned whether the aim to achieve net zero carbon footprint would have involved consultations with haulage contractors?
    • The Climate Change and Environment Manager responded that the current work had been around establishing the key sectors, which in this geographical area, had included transport. The officer stated that the approach had focussed on how companies had evolved to embrace new technology and how business could be supported in this regard. Council initiatives which needed to be considered included:
      • working with the County Council regarding transport planning:
      • working with industries and businesses in terms of innovation; and
      • that information and learning would be shared.


The Climate Change and Environment Manager advised that the issues raised at the meeting would be taken on board, and that members could raise any further comments/issues with her directly.




That the issues raised by the Policy Development Panel be noted prior to consideration of the Draft Climate Change Strategy at Cabinet in December 2021.

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