Agenda item

Garden Waste Scheme Update

To provide an update on the garden waste scheme and consider future options (report of the Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services and the Assistant Director, Neighbourhoods enclosed).



Consideration was given to the report of the Portfolio Holder for Environmental and Operational Services, and the Assistant Director – Neighbourhoods, which provided an update on the garden waste scheme and considered future options.




That, subject to Council approval of recommendations 7 to 9:


1)    The contents of the report and the update on the garden waste scheme so far be noted;


2)    That approval be given for the Garden Waste Collection Scheme to be further extended to incorporate more areas of South Holland by way of three collection vehicles;


3)    That approval be given to procure route optimisation software to ensure the most efficient and effective routes and for it to be added to Capital and Revenue budgets;


4)    That delegated authority be given to the Head of Environmental and Operational Services, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, to amend the terms and conditions for subscribers as necessary, including start times;


5)    That in accordance with the legal requirement of the Environment Act 2021, the purple sack garden waste collection service be removed to ensure that SHDC are compliant with the requirement for separate collection of garden waste, which must be recycled or composted;


6)    That approval be given to purchase an additional 5,040 bins for the expansion being a £29,000 capital investment in 2021/22, funded from the Investment and Growth reserve.  The remaining costs to be built into the capital budget for 2022/23 and paid back over 15 years through contributions to reserves;




7)    That the current establishment be increased by 3 full time posts, a full-time supervisor, full-time garden waste HGV driver and full-time garden waste loader and that the costs for these posts be funded from the income generated by the scheme;


8)    That, should the review of terms and conditions of the garden waste scheme prove it necessary, a consultation with staff commence to consider changing start times for garden waste crews to 6am; and


9)    That delegated authority be given to the Head of Environmental and Operational Services, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, to implement the outcome of that consultation.


(Other options considered:

·         Do nothing – This would mean that the scheme remained at capacity and no further residents would be able to join, resulting in continued growth of the register of interest and potentially increased frustration from those seeking to access the service.

Reasons for decision:

·         The service could be provided to more residents of SHDC. The service was well liked and often challenged as to why it was not available to more residents - this would enable that additional capacity;

·         This growth would provide an improved customer satisfaction and reduce the list of people on the Register of Interest, waiting for a subscription;

·         The service was discretionary, and its growth would ensure it remained cost effective and commercially viable and would continue to be developed with this in mind;

·         Increased household recycling rate and reduction of garden waste sent for residual disposal. Therefore, improved opportunity to dispose of waste in a more environmentally beneficial way, as set out in the waste hierarchy;

·         Compliance with the Environment Act 2021 regarding disposal of garden waste;

·         Improved consistency for the garden waste collection service that could be offered to residents; 

·         Additional job opportunities for the local economy; and

·         More efficient and cost-effective routing to ensure no service disruption and economical collections as the seasons change).

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