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An update on actions which arose at the 17 March 2022 Governance and Audit Committee meeting (enclosed).


Updated responses to Actions which arose at the 17 March 2022 Governance and Audit Committee meeting were presented to the Committee.


Members considered the responses and made the following comments:


  • Regarding the Q3 Risk Report item (minute 37), members had sought clarity of the Staff Retention action response. The following update had been provided by the Assistant Director – Corporate and was presented to the Committee by the Assistant Director – Finance:


Across the partnership we currently have 10 roles we are actively recruiting to (which may not be the same as vacant roles for a number of reasons). 


None of those active are in the areas we find more challenging to recruit – being Environmental Health; Planning (Development Management);  Project/Programme Management. 


As a Partnership we approved our Workforce Development Strategy in 2022, setting out the commitment the Partnership Councils make to supporting the development of colleagues that will, as one outcome, support retention.


The ‘Great Resignation’ is not looking to slow.  A recent CIPD survey found that 20% of workers surveyed would likely quit their current role in the next 12 months, up from 16% in 2021. 


Pay and incentives are part of the picture, but Harvard Business/Gallup and other notable research companies are looking at what employees value:

o   Flexibility

o   Outcomes over outputs – being able to see the impact they have to the organisation

o   Diverse and Inclusive employers

o   Learning & Development offering – ability to grow skills and develop

o   Stability/Security

The Workforce Development Strategy picks up these points, with a view to creating a flexible workforce, underpinned by modern HR policies and opportunities for training and development.  A good example of this development is our Future Leaders Programme, that seeks out aspiring leaders in the Partnership and provides them with opportunities to develop and progress in their career by building up greater knowledge and experience.  Via PSPS, training is now being procured Partnership-wide in order to secure a greater quantity of training for the budgets that each Council makes available”.


  • Members stated that recruitment campaigns should include reference to the recent Public/Public category award received by the S&ELCP at the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) awards.
    • The Assistant Director – Finance stated that a new email signature, which referenced the award, would be circulated to staff the following day to assist in recognition of the award more widely.


The Internal Auditor provided the Committee with the following update relating to the Progress Report on Internal Audit Activity actions (minute 38).

  • Regarding ‘Outstanding Recommendations’: the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licencing Policy recommendations had arisen from the audit of South Holland District Council and Breckland District Council during the 2016/17 municipal year. Work had commenced but subsequent updates needed to be made. Outstanding issues were regularly brought to the Committee however this issue had not been raised as outstanding for the current meeting - the Internal Auditor would review the issue status and will report back if overdue. 
  • Regarding ‘Issues to be Addressed (other issues noted)’: the digital submission of licence applications narrative was intended to be a positive audit comment and demonstrated good practice - no further action had been sought.




That the Actions from the Governance and Audit meeting held on 17 March 2022 be noted.


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