Agenda item

Spalding Town Centre Improvement Plan

 To receive a verbal update on the Spalding Town Centre Improvement Plan.


The Chairman asked Spalding Castle Ward Member, Councillor Taylor, to provide a verbal update on the Spalding Town Centre Improvement Plan:


Councillor Taylor gave a brief update for information purposes to the Forum, with a full presentation to follow at the next meeting.


  • Spalding Town Centre Improvement Plan had been established in 2019, and a steering group created to look at initiatives to improve Spalding Town Centre. This was halted due to the Covid outbreak.
  • Within the last 3 years Spalding had benefitted from new CCTV, covering most areas of Spalding including car parks.
  • Ayscoughfee Gardens had seen improvements and there was ongoing development to the Ayscoughfee tennis courts.
  • Spalding Bus Station and Spalding Cemetery had both benefited from enhancements.
  • The enviro-crime wardens had been designated by SHDC to address the issues of anti-social behaviour and flytipping.
  • He confirmed that successful market towns in the UK were under-pinned by successful partnerships and that SHDC had submitted a bid for funding to attract investment and to assume responsibility of initiatives and events.
  • Cabinet had approved a budget of £280,000 for the Spalding Gateway Public Realm Project, which would incorporate new seating, planters, bins, and cycle storage. The aim of this project would be to introduce notable improvements to town centre locations and SHDC had been in communication with a number of contractors to potentially start work this calendar year.
  • Spalding Re-Connect project received funds from the National Lottery to promote the heritage of the town through the Heritage strategy. Work would take place with events led by Transported, with a view to create a Riverside Art and Heritage Trail. Ayscoughfee Hall had been given National Portfolio status through the Partnership with Boston and East Lindsey. The Partnership had secured £1.9 million, which would see arts and cultural events delivered from Ayscoughfee Hall and Gardens, which in turn would help to increase footfall into Spalding Town Centre.
  • Recent past events initiated by Spalding Town Centre Improvement Plan included the King’s Coronation event, and the Armed forces parade. Both of these events were very successful. The Spalding Flower parade, which made a comeback in 2023, would be scheduled to take place again in 2024.
  • The Spalding Health and Wellbeing Hub would replace the current Castle Sports Facility. SHDC had received £20million from the Government’s Levelling Up fund. SHDC would add an additional £6million.  The £26million pound sports project would be implemented by 2026.
  • An expert regional consultant recently reviewed Spalding and noted the positive aspects of the town. Consultation and discussion would take place regarding the empty shops in the town centre and how this would be rectified.
  • A more detailed presentation would be provided at the next meeting of the Forum.


Members raised the following questions:


  • Would funding be available for a bandstand in Ayscoughfee Gardens?

o   The Spalding Castle ward member proposed that if residents vocalised this would be desirable, it would be a request that could be explored.


  • A question was raised regarding the planters that would need to be replaced/repaired in the Town centre.
    • Councillor Taylor stated that the renewal of the planters would be starting in the latter end of 2023. Officers would be liaising with contractors to procure the best price and the Forum would be advised further when officers had acquired all the information.


  • A question was raised regarding the £35.000 (£30.000 from arts council grant) that had been earmarked for the Abbey Passage project, and when would work commence.
    • Councillor Taylor acknowledged that various debates surrounding the location of the project had been voiced. Currently no definitive date had been agreed as to when work would commence, however the Spalding Town Centre Improvement Plan group would be closely working with art groups and local school children to deliver the Art Project. He suggested the Forum could reconsider the location.


It was recommended that this would be discussed by the Forum and would be added to the agenda for the next meeting. It was proposed to invite Transported who would be leading on the project to make inquiries of their plans for Abbey Passage. The Forum could work in cohesion with Transported to enhance this particular area with public artwork.


  • A question was raised regarding the timescale for the Art Project, could this be delayed until after the next scheduled STF meeting, to enable Officers and Members time to discuss Transported propositions.
    • Councillor Taylor replied that as a date for commencement had not been set, it was possible that the forum may seek to tweak or change location for the site of the Art Project. Transported had formerly received funds from the Arts Council for this venture and would strive to work with the Forum to utilise the Arts Grant to deliver residents aspirations.