Agenda item

Ayscoughfee Hall

In response to questions raised at the last meeting (minute 9 refers), the Place Manager will be in attendance to give an update on Ayscoughfee Hall.


At meetings of the Panel earlier in the year, Councillors had requested and received updates on the current situation with regard to the bandstand and aviary at Ayscoughfee Gardens.  The Interim Place Manager was in attendance to provide the following update:


·         At the end of 2014, Ayscoughfee Hall had been awarded Grade 1 listed status.  The same process was being followed for the Lutyens Memorial.  If the Memorial was also to be awarded Grade 1 listed status, the combined status of both buildings would have consequences regarding further development of the hall and gardens and funding streams.

·         Consultation would take place with the Heritage Lottery fund around undertaking works to registered parks and gardens which would bring social cohesion benefits.

·         Two previous schemes for a new bandstand/performance area had failed because of budget issues and not being supported by Heritage Lincolnshire.  The applications had been withdrawn.  Heritage Lincolnshire and Heritage England would be working together to produce some preliminary drawings.

·         Rather than a bandstand, a performance area was being proposed.  This would be a more multi-functional space and, it was hoped, would be less subject to vandalism. 

·         The Panel had previously raised concerns that the budget allocated from Section 106 monies for the bandstand and aviary should not be exceeded.  The Interim Place Manager confirmed that the budget could not cover the cost of both.  It would allow for a new pavilion to be constructed, but not for the aviary to be upgraded to complement the remainder of Ayscoughfee Gardens and Hall. 

·         It was suggested that Section 106 monies be used to secure a new pavilion within budget, and that it was likely that Heritage Lincolnshire would be in agreement with the approach. 

·         It was also suggested that minor works be undertaken on the aviary, and that more major improvements to it be included in a future lottery bid to include the whole gardens.


The Panel agreed that, although it was unfortunate that the aviary could not be improved upon in the immediate future, that the focus should be on the new performance space and that the aviary be dealt with separately as part of the gardens as a whole.  Councillor Aley advised that the Spalding Town Forum would be meeting the next evening, that he would relay this information to its members and advise that the Panel was in agreement with the proposals.


The Interim Place Manager advised that he would be happy to attend the next meeting of the Spalding Town Forum following the one the next evening.       




a)    That the identified Section106 monies be used to fund the building of the bandstand/performance area at Ayscoughfee;


b)    That the Panel accepted that the Section 106 monies would not be sufficient to rebuild the aviary and that it should be temporarily repaired until funding from other sources could be identified to address the issue;


c)    That the Chairman of the Spalding Town Forum, Councillor G Aley, advise the Forum of the information received by the Panel, and its views, at its meeting on 17 September 2015; and


d)    That the Interim Place Manager attend the next meeting of the Spalding Town Forum, following 17 September meeting, to provide an update to the Forum.


(Councillors Newton and King left the meeting during discussion of the above item)