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Progress Report on Office Co-location proposals at Priory Road

Appendix 4 (enclosed)


The Committee considered Appendix 4 of the progress report on Office Co-Location proposals at Priory Road and the Interim Strategic Projects Manager outlined the following points:


The ten year lease with an option for a mutual break at the 5th anniversary was a standard government policy.


The building had been re-measured  – the yellow areas on the plans would be leased and the blue areas shared. The blue areas would be leased on a reduced service charge level (50%) The service charge would be on an annual basis and was based on total floor area.


The rent would commence on date of occupation. Contribution costs from DWP amounted to £200K, which was nearly 60% of the total transformation costs.


A full time security guard would be needed under the terms of the lease and the proposal would be for DWP to pay 90% of the costs. If further security was needed, then it was proposed that DWP be totally responsible for those extra costs. The estimated cost of £55k was not presently built into budgets, but would be in the future.


The Committee considered access control and the proposal to have a magnetic control on the door at the back of the proposed DWP area.


The Chairman had spoken to Executive Manager Information regarding proximity readers for the car park, doors and printers. Quotes were currently being sought on this matter, which would be additional to the £350k budget already allocated.


All the access points into the Priory Road site were being looked at, with proposals to limit the public to only one entrance. The rear entrance from Vine Street car park was frequently used therefore an evidence based decision would be made whether to limit this to staff and deliveries only. Approval was given to close the main car park entrance to the public with access being limited to staff and deliveries only.


Current interest from other outside partnerships was encouraging and the position was outlined as follows:


·         Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust proposal to have 4 hubs with up to 11 back office staff, waiting to arrange a meeting.


·         Telephone conversations had taken place with Kevin Kendall, Property Officer, and Katie Gosling Programme Manager from Lincolnshire County Council– prior to a meeting scheduled for  2 August.  Looking into assets for Spalding and Holbeach, Ayscoughfee being a potential opportunity. Childrens Services could be relocated from the Vista site (up to 45 staff) Matthew Hogan and Paul Jackson would be invited to the meeting for their input. County Councillor Eddy Poll was liaising with the District Council in trying to positively move things forward between the two authorities. There was also a possibility in re-locating the registrars.


·         Discussions had taken place with Boston’s Womens Aid who were currently housed within the CAB area of Priory Road. The Committee urged caution as to why they wanted to leave their current location within CAB.


·         Ministry of Justice – currently had two sites for their Probation Services at Broadgate House and in Boston, a proposed meeting within the next 3 weeks to ascertain their needs was scheduled.


·         South Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (SLCCG) currently had staff at a site in Market Deeping and initial discussions had taken place about the viability of moving them to Priory Road Council Offices. However this would not be progressing further at this stage. A positive outcome was reached in that SLCCG had advised SHDC that they were keen to discuss other opportunities that may be better suited, so discussions would be developed further to progress these ideas.


·         Mental Health had enquired about locating 10 back office staff at the Council Offices so these discussions would now be developed further with a view of possible co-location by the end of the year. Members would be updated at a later stage.


The Executive Director Commercialisation was keen to start a modernisation programme for current staff at Priory Road to aid in the challenge of where to fit everyone.


Universal Credit would be launched in Spalding in  April 2018 therefore CPBS would be busy during the period of change


A further update would be provided in September so a meeting would be tabled.


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