Issue - decisions

Corporate Enforcement Policy

14/12/2021 - Corporate Enforcement Policy

1)    That the revised Corporate Enforcement Policy be approved;


2)    That the Head of Public Protection and the Assistant Director Regulatory be given delegated authority to make such amendments to this policy as may from time to time be required in order to (i) reference any links or amended links to other documents as may be required; and (ii) reflect any issues over which the Council has no discretion including, but not limited to, references to any legislative changes and amended guidance. Any material amendments to the policy will be subject to the usual approval process in line with the Constitution; and


3)    That all Service Managers responsible for enforcement action under this policy be given delegated authority to take, in exceptional circumstances, such action in departure from any part of this policy as they consider appropriate subject to (i) the reasons for such departure being documented; and (ii) consultation with the relevant portfolio holder or Committee Chairman.