Issue - decisions

Quarter 2 Performance Report

21/05/2014 - Q2 Performance Report

Consideration was given to the report of the Portfolio Holder for Internal Services Performance and Business Development and the Assistant Director Democratic Services, which provided members with a report on the Performance of the Council and the Priorities set out in the Corporate Plan 2011 – 2015.


The Portfolio Holder for Internal Services, Performance and Business Development advised that a Programme Board had been established which would challenge reasons why criteria was not met and would assist in finding solutions to address the situation.  Relevant Managers and Portfolio Holders would be included in the Programme Board where their areas were not meeting the criteria.


The Chairman of the Performance Monitoring Panel advised that the Panel had also considered the Performance Report and attention had been drawn to Lincolnshire Procurement’s good performance.  As a large part of this performance was due to a new contract, it should be clarified where the majority of the work had been undertaken to ensure that the improvement was correctly attributed. The Portfolio Holder for Waste Management, Green Spaces and Operational Planning advised that the contract related to refuse disposal, and that the procurement of the contract had been undertaken largely by the Authority, with some assistance from Procurement Lincolnshire.  




That the report and appendices be noted.


(Other options considered:

·        To approve the recommendations with amendments; and

·        Not to approve the recommendations.

Reasons for decision:

·        To provide a flexible platform for the monitoring and management of corporate priorities.)