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03/08/2020 - COVID Implications on the leisure operating contract ref: 714    Recommendations Approved

To set out the contractual position and a range of potential options for consideration for the Leisure Management Contract

Decision Maker: Leader

Decision published: 03/08/2020

Effective from: 03/08/2020


1)     That option 1, as recommended in the report, be approved in order to meet the anticipated increased net costs for the Council’s leisure provision from August 2020 until December 2020 up to the maximum sum set out in the report.


2)     That it be noted that the costs incurred in adopting recommendation 1 above will be partially offset by Government funding for COVID-19, particularly the dedicated funding to offset losses in income which specifically includes leisure services.


3)     That the position be reviewed in December 2020 to determine any amendments (if required) to the arrangements.


4)     That the leisure contractor be encouraged to accelerate the reintroduction of services where it is safe and cost effective to do so.


5)     That authority be delegated the Place Manager, in consultation with the Executive Director - Commercialisation (S151) and the Portfolio Holder for Communities and Facilities to finalise and implement the necessary legal and financial documentation to bring into effect the arrangements and resultant payments set out in the recommendations above.


Reason for Urgency - this is Covid-related and we did not have a clear understanding of the position until very recently – after taking external consultant and legal advice. The Government only very recently announced the ability to reopen leisure facilities. Our contractor intends to reopen at least part of our leisure facilities from 25 July, and it is therefore necessary for the Council to make an urgent decision on a number of associated financial and contractual matters.

Wards affected: (All Wards);

Lead officer: Emily Spicer

28/07/2020 - South Holland Discretionary Business Grants Scheme ref: 713    Recommendations Approved

To approve the Council's approach to the delivery of the Phase 2 of the discretionary business grants scheme, to support businesses affected by Covid-19

Decision Maker: Portfolio Holder for Growth and Commercialisation

Decision published: 28/07/2020

Effective from: 28/07/2020


1)    That the programme guidance for the South Holland Discretionary Business Grants Scheme Phase 2, as set out within Appendix 1, is approved.


2)        That the Executive Director for Commercialisation be authorised to implement the Phase 2 Scheme, and make all determinations thereunder that fall in accordance with the guidance as set out within Appendix 1


3)        That a programme of financial support for regular market traders, as set out in para 1.10, is approved


4)        That the designation of funds to support Phase 1 applicants, as per para 1.11, is approved


5)        That delegation be provided to the Executive Director for Commercialisation to make minor subsequent changes to the scheme.


The reasons for urgency include the economic need to mobilise the programme as soon as practicably possible, and a government expectation that local authorities will start making payments to businesses under their schemes in early August. It is therefore necessary that the authority agrees the principles under which its own scheme will operate, so as to enable mobilisation of the scheme in a timely fashion.


Lead officer: Matthew Hogan

24/07/2020 - Council Tax New Builds - COVID-19 ref: 712    Recommendations Approved

To set out the approach that SHDC will take with regard the issue of completion notices for new builds, in respect of Council Tax.

Decision Maker: Portfolio Holder for Finance

Decision published: 24/07/2020

Effective from: 01/08/2020


To approve the process for Council Tax Completion Notices on new build dwellings.


1.    From 1 July 2020, where a new build remains empty and unoccupied, a completion notice will be issued two months from when the new build reaches first fix stage.   The Council Tax Completion Notice will then allow for a maximum three month period for completion before banding for Council Tax purposes.  Overall this will increase the period when Council Tax will not be charged on new dwellings to a maximum of 6 months from first fix (unless the property is issued with a building completion notice, is sold, or becomes occupied).  This includes the one month, 100% discount for empty, unoccupied and unfurnished dwellings.


2.    For a further review of the process to be undertaken in 12 months.


3.    Where the circumstances or status of a new build changes through completion as deemed by the service of a Building Completion Notice, sale or occupation, then the Council Tax Completion Notice will be issued, where applicable, based on the changed circumstances. 


4.    For properties which reached first fix between 27 December 2019 to 23 March 2020 and were issued with a Council Tax completion notice, use the authority’s discretionary powers under Section 13A 1 C of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 to retrospectively discount in full the Council Tax charge for the period between 27 December 2019 and 30 June 2020.  The discount is only applicable for the period that the property remained empty and unoccupied.


Wards affected: (All Wards);

Lead officer: Sharon Hammond

10/07/2020 - Rent Management Agreement – St Johns View (off Broadway/Spalding Common), Spalding ref: 707    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Executive Director - Commercialisation (S151)

Decision published: 22/07/2020

Effective from: 10/07/2020


Subject to a s.106 agreement being completed for the condition compliance planning application, reference H16-0704-18, the authority will enter into a Rent Management Agreement with Broadgate Builders (Spalding) Limited (or such other part of the Broadgate group of companies as may be relevant) for four rented properties at St Johns View (phase 1) on the Broadway/Spalding Common, Spalding development site. This will enable the four properties to be owned by Broadgate Builders and managed by South Holland District Council. Such agreement to be on broadly the same terms as the Rent Management Agreements for St Johns View and Wygate Park.

Lead officer: Caroline Hannon, Jason King

21/07/2020 - Award of grant payment under the council's Discretionary Business Grants scheme ref: 711    Recommendations Approved

To approve the award of grant payment under the council's Discretionary Business Grants scheme

Decision Maker: Deputy Leader of the Council

Decision published: 21/07/2020

Effective from: 29/07/2020


Award of grant payment under the Council’s Discretionary Business Grants scheme to Colin Whitmore Home Furnishings

Wards affected: Sutton Bridge;

Lead officer: Matthew Hogan