Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 21st July, 2015 6.30 pm, Cabinet

Venue:   Council Chamber, Council Offices, Priory Road, Spalding

Contact:    Amanda Taylor
01775 764837

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Gary Andrew Porter Leader Apologies
Councillor Charles Nicholas Worth Deputy Leader, in the Chair Present
Councillor Malcolm G Chandler Deputy Leader Present
Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones Committee Member Present
Councillor Christine J Lawton Committee Member Present
Councillor Gary John Taylor Committee Member Present
Councillor Anthony Casson Committee Member Present
Councillor Peter Ephraim Coupland Committee Member Present
Councillor Sally-Ann Slade Committee Member Present
Councillor Elizabeth Jane Sneath Cabinet Support Member Present
Councillor Andrew Robert Woolf Cabinet Support Member Apologies
Councillor Bryan Alcock Advisory Member In attendance
Councillor George Richard Aley Advisory Member In attendance
Councillor Angela Mary Newton Advisory Member Apologies
Councillor Michael David Seymour Advisory Member In attendance
Reginald William George Boot Community Representative In attendance
Maureen Scantlebury Community Representative Expected
Graham Scorthorne Community Representative Expected
Jim Tyner Community Representative Expected
Anna Graves Officer Present
Julie Kennealy Officer Present
Robert Walker Officer Present
Mark Stinson Officer Present
Amanda Taylor Officer Present
Mark Finch Officer Expected
The Press Public Expected
Reception Public Expected
Member Services Officer Expected
Vicky Thomson Officer Expected
Lisa Barwell Community Representative Expected
Dee Bedford Officer In attendance
David Ogden Officer In attendance
Ken McErlain Officer In attendance
Councillor Jack Tyrrell Committee Member In attendance