Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 7th September, 2021 10.00 am, Cabinet

Venue:   Function Room, South Holland Centre, Market Place, Spalding, PE11 1SS

Contact:    Democratic Services
01775 764454

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
The Lord Porter of Spalding CBE Leader Present
Councillor Peter Ephraim Coupland Deputy Leader Present
Councillor Charles Nicholas Worth Deputy Leader Present
Councillor Anthony Casson Committee Member Present
Councillor Harry Drury Committee Member Absent
Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones Committee Member Present
Councillor Rodney Grocock Committee Member Present
Councillor Christine J Lawton Committee Member Present
Councillor Elizabeth Jane Sneath Committee Member Present
Councillor Gary John Taylor Committee Member Present
Councillor Jim Astill Cabinet Support Member Apologies
Councillor Allan C Beal Cabinet Support Member In attendance
Councillor Nigel H Pepper Cabinet Support Member In attendance
Councillor Angela Mary Newton Advisory Member In attendance
Councillor Bryan Alcock Advisory Member Apologies
Councillor Andrew Robert Woolf Advisory Member Apologies
Councillor Tracey Ann Carter Advisory Member Apologies
Robert Barlow Public Expected
Matthew Hogan Officer In attendance
Richard Hodgson Officer In attendance
Steven Houchin Officer In attendance
Leo Singh Officer In attendance
Mark Woolerton Officer In attendance
Bob Wagstaff Officer In attendance
Christine Morgan Secretary In attendance
Business Organisations and Chamber of Commerce Community Representative Expected
South Holland Citizens Advice Bureau Community Representative Expected
Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service Community Representative Expected
Lincolnshire Police Community Representative Expected
Parish Councils Community Representative Expected
South Holland Civic Societies Community Representative Expected
Welland Seniors Forum Community Representative Expected
Sarah Wolstenholme-Smy Officer Expected
Rebecca Hilliam Officer Expected
Janet Hadden Officer Expected